Length on deck 29’-9”
Designed waterline 27’-6”
Beam 10’-8”
Draft 5’-0”
Displacement appr. 17500 lbs
Ballast 5300 lbs (2400 kg)

Working Sails:

Mainsail: 269 sq ft three reefs
Staysail: 179 sq ft two reefs
Jib: 222 sq ft one reef

Total: 670 sq ft, sailcloth 340 gr/m2

The hull is carvel planked of kampala/iroko with traditional caulked seems, sealed with ”Sikaflex”. Fasteners are of silicon brass. Except for the planking of the hull, bulwarks and deadwood, nearly only teak was used for building ”BELLATRIX”.

The outside lead ballast of 2400 kg is troughbolted through the keel with 8 high tensile bronze-bolts of 1 inch diameter. All bronze floors are throughbolted through the keel as well as through the laminated frames and as well are the bronze hanging knees throughbolted through the deckbeams. All floors, hanging knees, chain plates, port lights and fittings are of silicon bronze.

The boomking is a bit widened to the end and has a crossbar to take up the ”Monitor” windvane. This arrangement allowes for two backstays. All standing gear is of stainless AISI 316 7x7; 8, 10 or 12 mm Ø. Thinbles are spliced in and attached to toggles on rigging screws half inch, made of silicon bronze.

The cockpit is self bailing with two inch drain-pipes leading to two, two inch wide seacocks. It has a coaming each side with 2 Lewmar selftailing winches either side. A boom gallow is erected, with bronze pipes and fittings and a teak bar with three notches.

The mast is stepped through the foredeck to the mast step on the keelson. Into the hollow sections of the mast, aluminium foil, slightly wrinkled, has been put in for better radar echos.

The mast is equipped with three-color- headlight, steaming-lights, VHF-antenna, two pairs of spreaders, the upper side of each covered with cupper-sheet, bronze fittings for all the shrouds, two sailtracks for main- and trysail, gooseneck fitting of bronze with reefing hooks, three halyard Murray winches.

The boom is equipped with boombails having three eyes for three blocks which, together with four more blocks mounted on the taffrail, result in a double-ended mainsheet. Then there is a outhaulcar fitted on a T-track and the sail track for taking the slides of the foot, fittings for the Jiffy Reef System, a winch for reefing, cleats and fittings for the lazy jacks and boomvang.

The mainsail has NO battens, headboard and nearly no roach. Strong headpatches at the head although. Bolt ropes on all the luffs of all working sails are sewn into triple stitched seams.

The bowsprit extends 2 meters out over the water. On the inner end of it a 2-speed windlass is mounted.

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